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Natura Feather Rod


The Natura fishing rod made of natural material is perfect for playing with your cat. Playing is essential for a cat’s balance, and by stimulating its hunting instincts you contribute to its good health. Playing with your cat on a daily basis strengthens your bond with him.

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Stimulate your cat’s play and hunting instincts with this hardwood, sea rush and polyester fishing rod, adorned with lots of natural feathers. This 35 cm rod helps enrich your favorite feline’s environment, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen your bond by sharing interactive play sessions without the risk of scratching or biting. Give your cat a realistic play experience with healthy materials that respect her natural hunting instincts.

Your cat won’t be able to resist this Natura feather stick that stimulates his predatory instincts and invites him to hunt. This hardwood, sea rush and polyester fishing rod is adorned with many natural feathers for a more realistic play experience. In addition to enriching your indoor cat’s environment, this rod also helps reduce stress and anxiety. Share interactive playtime without the risk of scratching or biting, and strengthen your bond with your beloved pet. The natural materials of this fishing pole are healthy for your cat and more like prey found in the wild. Give your cat a realistic and exciting play experience with the Natura Feather Rod.

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