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    Natural Sisal Cat Toy

    Original price was: 2,90 €.Current price is: 1,90 €.

    Offering your cat toys made of natural materials will undeniably awaken his hunting instincts on a daily basis, essential to his psychological balance. Natura Rolls & Ball toys are ideal for this. The sets of 2 allow to double the pleasure of Minou and to place these natural toys for cat everywhere in the house.

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    Natura Feather Rod


    The Natura fishing rod made of natural material is perfect for playing with your cat. Playing is essential for a cat’s balance, and by stimulating its hunting instincts you contribute to its good health. Playing with your cat on a daily basis strengthens your bond with him.

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    Ribbon and Feather Cat Fishing Rods


    Stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct with this fishing rod made of natural materials, for interactive and emotional playtime.

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