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Discover our trusted brands to meet your pets’ needs

Natyka 🌱🐾

Natyka offers semi-wet kibbles that are rich in meat, easy to digest and made with quality ingredients. Their semi-wet texture promotes hydration and helps dogs feel full, coming closer to biologically appropriate raw feeding (BARF). What’s more, Natyka kibbles are tasty, thanks to their softer, juicier consistency, making them appetizing to all dogs.

  • Semi-moist, moist kibbles 🌊
  • Rich in high-quality fresh meat 🥩
  • Tasty, appetizing texture 😋
  • Carefully selected ingredients 🌿
  • 100% recyclable packaging 🌍

Natura Wild 🐺🌿

Natura Wild offers high-quality food for dogs and cats, inspired by Canadian nature. Their recipes are naturally adapted to the carnivorous needs of our companions and are formulated without grains for comfortable digestion. Choose Natura Wild and give your pet a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Natural food inspired by nature 🌲
  • Grain-free for comfortable digestion 🌾
  • Balanced, carnivore-friendly recipes 🍗
  • Superior quality and carefully selected ingredients 🌿

Bon Appétit 🇫🇷🍽️

Bon Appétit offers you delicious gluten-free, hypoallergenic kibbles for dogs and cats, inspired by traditional French cuisine. Their aim is to provide optimum nutrition for your pets, using top-quality ingredients for optimal digestion and nutritional intake.

  • Gluten-free and hypoallergenic kibbles 🌾❌
  • Meat-rich recipes and quality ingredients 🥩🌿
  • High-quality French manufacturing 🇫🇷👨‍🍳
  • Care at every stage of production 🛠️

Wolf’s Mountain 🐺🏔️

Wolf’s Mountain offers top-of-the-range dog food, rich in animal proteins and formulated without cereals. Their commitment to quality and ethics translates into carefully selected ingredients that respect the environment and animal welfare.

  • Grain-free & protein-rich dog food 🥩🌾
  • Superior quality, respect for the environment and animal welfare 🌿🌍
  • Carefully selected ingredients for a healthy, balanced diet 🌱

Animalux 🐾🇱🇺

Animalux is Luxembourg’s leading kibble brand for dogs and cats, offering a healthy, nutritious and delicious diet with top-quality ingredients. Their Luxembourg croquettes are specially designed to meet your pet’s specific needs.

  • High-quality Luxembourg croquettes 🇱🇺🌿
  • Fresh, balanced ingredients for a healthy, nutritious diet 🥩🌾
  • Uncompromising nutrition for your carnivorous companion 🐾💪

Bonjour 🌞🐾

Bonjour offers quality kibbles at a low price, guaranteeing your pet’s well-being. Their balanced formula offers optimal nutrition with a rich source of quality animal protein to support your pet’s good physical condition.

  • Quality kibbles at a low price 💰
  • Rich source of quality animal proteins 🥩
  • Shiny coat and healthy skin thanks to fish oil 🐟

At Zoodirect, we’ve carefully selected these kibble brands to offer you a variety of options to meet your pet’s specific needs. Choose the brand that best matches your criteria and offer your companion top-quality nutrition for optimum health.

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