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Refer a Friend Program

We’re delighted to introduce you to our referral program, a fantastic opportunity for you to introduce your friends to our company while enjoying exceptional rewards!

Commission on all your referrals’ orders

💰 Every time you refer a friend to Zoodirect, you’ll receive 4% commission on ALL the orders they place. This means you’re rewarded with every purchase your referral makes, allowing you to quickly accumulate store credits for additional savings.

Store credit: Use it as you wish

💳 Your commissions are automatically converted into store credit, which you can use as payment for your own orders. Enjoy a direct discount on your pet food and accessories purchases. It’s a great way to save money and continue caring for your companions at a lower cost.

👉 Don’t wait any longer, sponsor now and multiply your savings!

Share your referral link

Share your link with your friends, family and loved ones. When they sign up and place orders at Zoodirect using your link, you start earning commissions.

Track your rewards

You can easily track your rewards in your dedicated referral customer area. Check your dashboard regularly to see how much commission you’ve earned and how much store credit you can use for future purchases.

Enjoy your rewards

Once your store credit has been generated, you can use it at any time for future orders. Simply apply your credit at checkout and enjoy instant discounts. It’s simple, convenient and extremely rewarding!

💥 One referral, exponential savings!

Refer a friend and receive €11.18 in store credit when your referral places 4 orders for a bag of kibble at €69.90 each. But wait, there’s more! For every additional order your friend places, you’ll get an extra 2.80€ in store credit. And that’s just for one referral! Imagine the savings if you referred several!

Your most frequently asked questions

Why hasn’t my referral received a discount on his order?

When you share your referral link, he or she is simply invited to the site. If you’d like to offer them a discount, send them your coupon code instead, and they’ll receive a 15% discount on their first order (excluding promotions and subscriptions).

Why is my commission marked as “Rejected”?

Commissions can be rejected for several reasons: when the customer cancels the order, when the customer withdraws and returns the order, or when there is a dispute with the carrier and the customer is not delivered.

How do I use my store credit?

If you have a store credit, you will be asked to deduct it at the last stage of your order. A discount code will then be generated and deducted from your order automatically.

How can I track my commissions and store credits?

Simply go to the “Sponsorship” section of your customer account. There you’ll find a summary of your commissions and store credits, as well as their status.

How can I invite my friends to join the referral program?

It’s so easy! You can use the referral link in your account, and share it with all your friends, family, colleagues and even neighbors (if you’re nice). The more you share, the more store credits you earn!

Can I use my store credits to buy kibble by subscription?

Yes, you can use your store credits for your first subscription order. However, please note that for subsequent, automatically generated orders, it is not possible to apply the boutique credit.

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