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Kalliope Rubber Dumbbell


With the Kalliope Rubber Dumbbell, your dog will satisfy his daily chewing needs. With this accessory, your pet will no longer be tempted to damage objects in your home when you are away.

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The Kalliope Rubber Dumbbell is a tough, flexible dog toy designed to meet your pet’s daily chewing needs. Made from 100% natural rubber, this dumbbell is non-toxic and safe for your dog. It helps prevent destructive behaviors by providing your dog with a suitable chew toy. In addition to fetch and throw games, the Kalliope Dumbbell is also suitable for solitary play, encouraging your dog to explore and play independently. It is recommended that you keep an eye on the condition of the toy to avoid the risk of ingestion if small pieces break off. With its 14.5 cm dimensions, this dumbbell is perfectly suited to the size of most dogs.

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