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    Garry Squeaky Toy


    Give your dog Garry, a soft and durable squeaky toy for hours of play. The quality of construction will stand up to your pet’s intense biting and playing.

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    Funsty stick for playful dog


    Squeaky stick toy with furry tail for active dogs. Makes sounds with every squeeze and lasts for years.

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    Cosmo Squeaky Plush


    Soft plush with little squeakers, suitable for all types of dogs to entertain your dog for hours.

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    Squeaky toy Alphonso


    This soft hedgehog plush is the perfect toy for your dog. It has a thin plastic sheet crumpled in its belly to stimulate your pet’s senses.

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    Natural Rubber Chew Bones – S 11,5 cm


    This ecological chew bone is made of natural rubber of vegetable origin. This material is very resistant and your dog will be able to play with it for hours without fear of breaking it. There are several sizes to satisfy the youngest and the oldest!

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    Natural rubber chew bone – M 15 cm


    This chew bone is the perfect choice for your dog who loves to chew on everything! With its natural, plant-based rubber material, you can be sure that your four-legged friend will have hours of fun without breaking his favorite toy.

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    Twisted knot 48 cm


    A sturdy rope toy for your dog that cleans teeth and interdental spaces with natural cotton fibers. With a comfortable handle for you and a double knot for your dog to pull on the other side.

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    Mars Balls Tasty Treat Dispenser


    Reward your dog with treats while having fun with this high quality rubber ball.

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    Chicken squeaker toy for dogs – 42 cm


    Give your dog a unique toy with our chicken squeaker toy. The fun squeaks and latex material are a real treat for your pet’s teeth and gums.

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    Chicken squeaker toy for dogs – 32 cm


    This toy is ideal for dogs who like to chew while making noise! With its discreet squeak, your dog will not be able to let go. Its latex texture will clean your pet’s teeth and gums. Give him a moment of relaxation and unforgettable distraction with this original and fun toy!

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    Resistant dental toy for dogs – L


    Your dog’s oral hygiene is important, that’s why this soft toy made of natural rubber, which has grooves, helps remove the remains and dirt that are deposited between his teeth. As for the pimples, they are designed to remove tartar and plaque.

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    Kalliope Rubber Dumbbell


    With the Kalliope Rubber Dumbbell, your dog will satisfy his daily chewing needs. With this accessory, your pet will no longer be tempted to damage objects in your home when you are away.

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    Rubber Dumbbell for dogs


    The Natural Rubber Dumbbell combines both play and oral hygiene. It’s a soft, chew-proof dog toy that will keep your dog busy.

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    Dumbbell Tennis Ball


    Give your dog these specially designed tennis balls! Made from natural rubber, they are durable and bite resistant. The balls have a diameter of 6 cm and are ideal for playing catch with your pet. Enjoy a moment of complicity with your dog while encouraging his physical activity.

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    Multicolored rope with knots for dogs (64 cm)


    Give your dog hours of fun and help him keep his teeth healthy with this multi-colored 64 cm knotted rope.

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    Boomerang Splash


    A floating toy for dogs who love to play in water. This soft, bite-resistant boomerang is perfect for trips to the water’s edge or vacations at the beach or pool. The bright colors make this toy even more fun.

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    Double rope ball


    A fun toy that cleans your dog’s teeth at the same time.

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