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Double sided grooming brush


Brush your dog or cat with the double-sided grooming brush for a perfectly clean coat. The wire bristles remove dirt and dead parasites from the undercoat, while the soft bristles remove dust and add shine.

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The double-sided grooming brush is a must-have tool for all pet owners who want to keep their pets’ coats in good condition. With its dual function, this brush is perfect for all your grooming tasks.

The wire bristles of the brush can be used to remove dead dirt and parasites from your dog or cat’s undercoat, while the soft bristles are ideal for removing dust and adding shine. This brush is perfect for short, medium and long haired dogs and cats.

The ergonomic handle of the double-sided grooming brush makes it comfortable and easy to hold. You’ll be able to brush your pet without tiring and without putting undue pressure on their skin. Use it regularly to keep your pet’s coat in tip-top shape and to strengthen your bond with him.

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