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BON APPETIT Duck Dental Chews


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It is often said that health begins on the plate … or in the bowl. And there is nothing better than these natural duck meat treats to contribute to his protein intake. Without cereals or gluten, their star shape makes them a perfect reward for your dog, whatever his breed: by chewing them, he will take care of his teeth.

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Ingredients : duck meat, starch, natural glycerin

Analyses: raw protein 21%, raw fat 4%, raw ash 1,6%, raw fiber 0,5%, humidity 20%


Energy in Dog Sticks
Feeding your dog quality food is essential if you care about his health and well-being. The advantage of duck meat is its low fat content. There is no risk in feeding it to overweight dogs. In addition, the absence of gluten reduces the workload on the digestive system: energy is mobilized for the muscles and the brain, and keeps your pet in top shape.

Feeding your dog with BON APPETIT
BON APPETIT rigorously selects the products that make up its sticks so that only the best are used. They come exclusively from European producers, and the recipes are inspired by the traditions of French gastronomy: no artificial products to ensure an authentic taste.

Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, keep refrigerated for a better preservation of flavors and nutritional qualities and consume within 7 days. Do not consume the oxygen absorber. Not for human consumption.
Food supplement for dogs. Always provide your pet with enough fresh, clean water.

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